Ilm & Tarbiyah


Coached Certificate Course

The AlKauthar Institute along with the Imam Development Program takes pleasure in announcing the opening of registrations for the Ilm & Tarbiyah Certificate Course 2024. 

We will be offering two streams this year:
IlmTarb Focus Stream (30 months)
IlmTarb Easy Stream (40 months)

The course content for all streams is the same. The monthly study hours and overall duration of the courses differ.

Aim & Objective

To produce well-rounded students who are active in establishing Islam in themselves and those around them through a detailed Ilm & Tarbiyah course. The unique point of this course is that it takes the student by the hand through a structured course full of constant reminders to ensure dedication & commitment.

We seek to eliminate the problem of “Too many resources but I get nothing done”, “I really want to, but I can’t get going”, I fizzle out fast”, “I have a problem completing anything”, I have Madinah Book 1 on my shelf for years but haven’t finished it”, I haven’t gone through the seerah even once” by providing a structured step by step course.

I have Madinah Book 1 on my shelf for years but haven’t finished it and I haven’t gone through the seerah even once.

Course Overview

Focusing On Three Essential Components: 
Study, Quran Memorization & Volunteering


  • Overall Basics: 33 Lessons for Every Muslim
  • Prophetic Biography: For the Love of Muhammad (saw)
  • Arabic Language: Madinah Arabic Book 1
  • Tafseer: Entire Quran Overview
  • Hadith & Tarbiyah: 40 Ahadith of Imam al-Nawawi
  • Fiqh al-Hadith: Bulugh al Maram of Imam Ibn Hajr Al Asqalani
  • Biography of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal & Introduction to his School
  • Furu al-Fiqh: Covering all chapters of fiqh
  • Usul al-Fiqh: Understand the Mainframe behind Islamic Law
  • Battle of the Texts: Modern day Issues related to Understanding the Texts of the Shariah
  • History, Contemporary Issues, and Inspiration: The History of the Caliphate I The Crusades I World War I through Arab Eyes I The War in October 1973 I When the Moors ruled Europe I History of the Ottoman Empire I Palestine is still the Issue I A True Legend – Dr Abdul Rahman al-Sumait I The Legacy of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat I Life of Alija Ali Izetbegovic I Biography of Abdul Hameed Kishk I Biography of Zaynab Ghazali I Biography of Umar al-Mukhtar I Biography of Amir Abdul Qadir Jazairi I Biography of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio I Biography of AbdulHamid ibn Badis I Biography of Ml Abul Alaa Syed Maududi

Quran Memorization

Short Surah Quran memorization of Al-Balad to al-Nas (90 to 114).


Volunteer 1 hour of Community Service wherever you are comfortable.

Course Details

  1. For all Muslims & non-Muslims above 12 years of age. 
  2. Certificate upon successful completion.
  3. The language of instruction is English.
  4. Surah Quran Memorization of al-Balad to al-Nas (90 to 114).
  5. Volunteer one hour monthly in your community’s service.
  6. Monthly online test.
  7. Watch/listen to the videos/audio for the month.
  8. Classes are not live but pre-recorded.
  9. Study in your own time


Registration closed on February 15, 2024


Registration is extended to 15th February 2024.

IlmTarb Focus

30 Months: Most Popular

You will be charged£7 (equivalent to US$ 10 or Rand 180)/month

IlmTarb Easy

40 Months

You will be charged£4 (equivalent to US$ 5 or Rand 100)/month

Please email [email protected] for payment related queries. For all other queries (including content, scholarships, Q&A & tests), please fill out the ‘Get in Touch’ form below.

What Our Students Have Said


IlmTarb Focus 10/15 hours monthly or IlmTarb Easy 5/8 hours monthly. The student studies at their own pace ensuring the month’s content/task has been completed.

Monthly online test links will be provided to the student.

The course is open to all serious Muslims and non-Muslims alike, from high school kids to grandparents. We highly encourage couples and families to join and take the journey together.

All pre-recorded on-demand content & tests will be accessible online. Our main form of communication will be a one-way communication WhatsApp group.

Volunteer towards any good cause in your community.


Fill out the form below and you will hear from us shortly.