Ismail Davids

Abu Muneer Ismail Davids is an active speaker and community contributor from Sydney, Australia who specialises in the pillar of Hajj. He was born in South Africa and moved to Australia where he resides with his family. His first Hajj was in 1989 and it was to be the first of many times that he would be blessed with visiting the Holy lands. In that time he developed a passion to share his experience and knowledge of Hajj with the masses. He has spent time studying the aspects of Hajj from scholars and coupled that with vast experience of going to Hajj over the last few decades. Ismail Davids has been delivering workshops and seminars on Hajj for many years, his programs on Hajj have been appreciated by thousands of people over the years. Ismail Davids spends much of his free time encouraging people to make the pilgrimage  supporting and advising those who are planning to go Hajj, and teaching those that want to learn the essentials of this subject. Ismail Davids is also the author of the best selling Hajj guide entitled 'Getting the best of of Al Hajj'. His down to earth nature, practical advice and humour make his Hajj course invaluable to those planning to make that journey of the hearts.

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