Edris Khamissa

Ustadh Edris Khamissa is an International Consultant in Education and Human Development. He began his career as a teacher of English. His passion and expertise for the subject culminated in his nomination as the Chairman of the English Society of South Africa. He has been a head teacher of three schools.

He has conducted numerous workshops in Australia, United States, Canada, England, Middle East, Nigeria, Lusaka, Mozambique, Botswana, Bangladesh, Malaysia and throughout South Africa. His topics range from Leadership, Youth Development, Moving from Efficiency to Effectiveness to Excellence, From Information to Transformation, Moving from Good to Great, Inspiring Teachers, Creativity in Schools, Dynamics of Marriage, Parenting in the 21st Century, Family Dynamics in the 21st Century and Project Management. He promotes excellence wherever he goes.  He was one of the founding members of the AMS (Association of Muslim Schools) in South Africa. He is an advisory member of IBERR - International Board of Educational Research and Resources. He is the co-author of the IBERR manual for Schools.

His expertise is in self-development and curriculum design. His creativity made him a dynamic lecturer in Didactic and Methodology at IPSA (International Peace University of South Africa). He also conducts in-service training for business corporations. As a Parenting Expert and a Marriage Counsellor, he conducts workshops on these topics.

Youth Leadership is another area of his focus. He is a regular guest on National and Community Radio Stations. His attendees find his programmes life changing. He believes that we should take ownership of our lives. This is clearly evident in his Personal Empowerment seminars/workshops.

One of his unique features is his ability to respond to the diverse needs of the community. He not only identifies the challenges but he is able to provide solutions. AlKauthar Institute is proud to have Ustadh Edris as an instructor.

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